Sunday Morning Paper: An Evening at Piece Unik

Being able to experience authentic anything nowadays is rare. I believe that not only in the fashion world but the art world as a whole, the current practices and aesthetic is to only reach for things that are familiar and to only explore previous emotions. 

Exposing ones heart is not only hard but it seems as though a lot of people are just waiting for someone else to do it first. 


I spent an evening at Piece Unik, a gathering for artwear and custom clothing. Taking Place in Los Angeles, created by Diego Aureggi, it not only functions as a place that encourages artists to be genuine but supports them. After showing my ticket I was greeted to a large room with a body painter, a large sketching paper on the floor and face painting. 

It felt nice if I’m putting it simply. Gatherings in Los Angeles usually consist of things that empower you to make it known that you left the house to be at a thing, that the importance is that the individual bothered to show up. Neither were true here, we were encouraged to participate in everything, to draw on the floor, to watch the body art being made and to receive a face painting. Not to show others that we did, but to truly leave an impact on the show. 

@diego._.aureggi announced all of the designers as the models came out

@zoetry2.0 modeling a piece by @saucebysoy

As more artists showed up they then gathered us to began the runway. Piece Unik also functions as an auction house, artists make 1-of-1 fashion pieces that are modeled one by one and then auctioned off to the crowd. It was incredible. I think that most of the time things are just done, things are made and then put out and then thats it but to see the amount of effort put into the runway and the auction along with all the pieces that were shown, it gave the sense of true authenticity. It felt as though artists where free to bring pieces that actually mattered to them to be shown off. Piece Unik gives the feeling that artistic integrity comes first. 


As the show went on it was hard not to smile at everything. Having been in and around LA for most of my life, it was a breathe of fresh air to be at something like this. You could feel every ounce of ‘umph’ that not only Diego had put in but his entire team. 


The Next showing is June 16th, I would recommend anyone and everyone to go. Its important to support events like this because I think we tend forget all the times we didn’t have them, we tend to forget the sacrifice and effort it takes to put something on at all let alone to make something authentically good.